Engineering Support

We can offer you several engineering directions to assist you to complete those projects on time, within budget and with quality built in. We can provide support in the manufacturing process for many types of components for our customers. This can be from simple mechanical assemblies to completely tested , turnkey assemblies and systems. We also have experience in supporting engineering projects from concept to production release. Our expertise in manufacturing ranges from mechanical, electro-mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic to systems. We can work from a simple sketches and drawings all the way to complex CAD models. We utilize 'state of the art' CAD systems in 2D, 3D or solid modeling. We will even extract the data from the solid model to create simple drawings saving the customer time and money. Send us your solid models in STP format and we'll utilize CAM software to fabricate your part in the most cost-effective way. If you are looking to cut costs in any phase of engineering changes, we can help.

As with the other professional staff at Calmax the engineering department is committed to customer service and aiding the customer in any way.